Broken Bones Peated Spirit Development Set

Broken Bones Peated Spirit Development Set

Broken Bones single malt spirit has a unique character that comes from combining a strong Slovenian influence with the Scottish tradition of whisky making.

Broken Bones peated spirit is made from peated malt and matured in specially selected barrels made from Slovenian sessile oak that gives the spirit its distinctive full, floral and fruity notes. It is finished in barrels previously used for the peatiest Islay malts, bringing extra depth to the flavour of our peated expression.

While our spirit is maturing we proived you with an exclusive opportunity to taste the magic of the progress from new make spirit through maturation in barrels of various types with our sample pack.

New make spirit

Taste the new make spirit directly out of our spirit pot still before maturation. The spirit has an alcohol strength of about 70%, but here it is diluted to drinking strength at 46%. Notice that the spirit is quite raw with distinct barley flavour and hints of what will mature over time into a smooth, complex and elegant whisky.

Aged 6 months

The spirit was first matured in Slovenian oak barrels and just transferred into American oak barrels. At this age it is still quite raw, but much more rounded than the new make spirit, with some developed peaty, flowery and subtle fruity notes.

Aged 12 months

Whisky needs a long time to mature fully. At one year the spirit is finally starting to mellow and show its potential with pronounced peaty and fruity aromas, but it is still a long way from fully-formed whisky and it is at least two years before it ca neven legally be called whisky.

Content: 3x 50 ml

Alc. vol: 46 %

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