TiK ToK ReMiX!!!!!!!!!

A Band called "The BKs" remix of the new hit single Tik Tok by Ke$ha. ENJOY:) Getting outta bed feeling like im dizzy get up slap the snooze...get back wid da bitties zip up my fly, lace the jays cuz im out fo da day working 9-5 yup a g's gotta get ...

2.1.10 ob 10.39
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(385) AWESOME acrylic pour FLOWER painting ~ Peacock colours ~ MUST SEE!!! ~ Paint #WithMe
Hahahah tik tok #3
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i love   in line   me D   my girl   you know   lil wayne   The game   cop   all star   get up   get back   and I   Hiš   TiK ToK   tik tok remix   turn   haha   went   Whip   Girl   Fill   fill up   Grab   till   shes   down   long   Lady Gaga   over   Yall   aint   Neva   dont   Dont Stop   love   take   They   Line   elin   know   wood   Dump   like   kick   fine   coat   side   this   west   dime   hood   keep   jess   lace   Laid   that   call   keys   door   paid   Swag   will   back   next   Slap   what   Rolex   Kanye   kanye west   their   chick   gotta   wayne   Enjoy   heads   Outta   dizzy   Chest   wrist   begin   pussy   tipsy   Whore   gonna   light   Until   Wants   girls   texts   about   bitch   phone   strip   where   stick   prime   ready   comin   start   others   bieber   Justin   Justin Bieber   clutch   Miller   latest   single   called   taking   Ladies   before   drivin   ducati   strong   Making   Workin   Stroll   bottle   feelin   insane   blowing   Blowing Up   getting   Weaving   rolling   amazing   happens   Bitties   simpson   natural   fucking   working   asshole   FEELING   alright   straight   catholic   necessary   improvise   timberlake   celebfan09   katiethesinger123